Have you heard of the Chinese/Japanese wisteria, trumpet and pipevines?

These are a few of the bad vines or creepers that have the capability of shading out a tree’s leaves, adding weight and even girdling (strangling) the tree’s limbs. The challenge to Sikhi today has been described as a similar creeper that is circling the tree as it grows.

Friends, do you know what is this creeper and what it is out to destroy?

Let me tell you more. This venomous creeper is the weapon of those who are out to absorb Sikhi into the fold of Sanatanism or Hindutva. It attempts to destroy the uniqueness afforded by Guru Nanak Sahib ji and the other Sikh gurus wherein only One Creator and universal brotherhood with equality and justice for all is emphasised.

Foremost in the gardener cum mastermind who planted this creeper is an agenda to invade via the internal infiltration of innocent Sikhs. The rooting began with a subtle distortion of Sikh history that has resulted in many unsuspecting Sikhs to become vulnerable to the very same Brahmanical practices that were condemned by our gurus. Some of you may have noticed how Sakhis related to our gurus are skewed and narrated so convincingly that it appears our gurus were in sync with all the beliefs essential to Hindu mythology.

I’m sure you all know that starting with Guru Nanak Sahib ji, all rituals were

clearly denounced as a path to spiritual union with the Creator. Yet fire worship with aarti, pilgrimage and bathing in holy pools, yoga postures and many other such practices are surreptiously being introduced to mislead ignorant Sikhs via another poisonous vine of this invisible creeper. Just take a look at the various deras operating under the guise of Rehats proclaimed by so called sants and babas.

Yet another engulfment and by far the most deadly is now in the limelight daily; that of the appearance of manuscripts and books purportedly in the handwriting of the gurus! Notably, century-old scripts are suddenly being unearthed; apparently to authenticate the practising of rituals and sakhis that link to Sanatanism.

Fortunately many Sikhs are now awakening and losing their blinkers that had blinded them to the growth of this killer creeper. Many Sikhs are now recognising the conspiracy behind the concerted attempts to validate and install a rival ‘granth’ with questionable content in the name of Guru Gobind Singh ji.

Alert Sikhs cannot and will not allow anyone or any material to be used to mount a direct challenge to the supremacy of Aad Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji as our Living Guru and our eternal and undisputed sovereign ie Sachey Patshah.

We must be aware of this most vile CREEPER out to destroy our very existence. Our ineptitude and inaction will have very dire effect on the upcoming generations. Let there not come a day when our great Guru is just another Ved in the mandir due to our complacency and cowardice today.

It is time now to be united and to push this creeper out of our lives once and for all by having complete belief in the Gurbani contained in the SGGS ji as our only divine tutor and guide. Then and only then we will have real inner strength so that no one can lead us asunder.

As true Sikhs of the Guru, let us free ourselves from the engulfment by this dangerous creeper by cutting off its roots once and for all!