About Us

FAQ – Facts on The EK Granth-EK Panth EK Maryada (EGEPEM)

SIKHI VICHAR FORUM (SVF)  is a platform for Sikhs wanting to experience Gurbani based Sikhi.  It was established by a group of Sikhs desiring to promote Authentic Sikhi – by which is meant Sikhi based on the tenets of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.       

The two guiding principles of SVF are captured in the two logos that define the goals of the platform. SGGS IS MY COMPASS being the defining value of SVF; Ek Granth Ek Panth Ek Maryada is the mission.

The SVF platform is available for participation by Sikhs worldwide through the following avenues:

  • SVF Whatsapp Group. The primary focus of this group is Gurbani and Gurmat discourse.
  • SVF Website. The focus here is on scholarly and research based Sikhi articles as well as audio and video clips.
  • SVF Facebook. For general Sikhi discussion to cater for the younger Sikhs.
  • SVF Parchaar Activites. These include Seminars, Conferences, Talks, and Katha sessions conducted by SVF Parcharaks or organized by SVF.
  • SVF Leadership of SGGS Camps. These Camps are for youth from ages 10 till 21.  These Gurmat and Sikhi based camps teach youth to apply the principles of CRITICAL THINKING and PROBLEM SOLVING methods in their life.
  • SVF Cooperative Activities. The platform strives to work with existing Sikh organizations and groups who share our zeal for the Primacy of SGGS, Panthic unity, Authentic Sikhi and Vichaar.

You are welcome to join us in SVF