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When are the book available for Online Purchase?

They are available immediately.

What is the difference between the International Release and the Malaysian Release?

The Malaysian Release Package of 5 books is for delivery to Malaysian addresses. For shipping to addresses outside of Malaysia, buyers must order the International Release Package of 5 books.

What is the subject matter of these books?

Understanding Jup, Sodar and Sohela; Understanding Sidh Goshat, Understanding Anand, and Understanding Asa Di Vaar are primarily Gurbani translations and interpretations of the respective banis. Each word within the verse is given its literal meaning and where applicable its metaphoric, idiomatic or spiritual meaning. The entire verse is then translated with a view towards deriving its spiritual message. Notes are provided to explain why the commonly accepted translations of particular verses are in error.

The Hijacking of Sikhi is based on the premise that Sikhi as it is practiced today, is no longer the Sikhi that was taught to us by our Gurus.  It is a spirituality that stands distorted, corrupted and tainted. The messages of its scripture – Gurbani – have been distorted through vedic, yogic and puranic slants in interpretations and translations; its history muddled in unbelievable tales of miracles called sakhis, it’s general conduct dictated by an institutionalized clergy – a group that was soundly critiqued by our Gurus, and its religious practices have come to consist of those smuggled in from rejected and discarded rituals of pre-1469 practices.  It’s a faith that has been Hijacked from its unique path and equally distinct goals. It is a Godly spirituality that has been corrupted into a clergy concocted and clergy dominated religious dogma. This book tells the story of how, when and why this happened; and the narrative of brave souls who have tried to correct the wrongs.

Are paperback versions of the books available?

All the books are in Hard Cover and printed on superior quality paper in full colour.

What is the pricing policy for these books?

The books are sold at zero profit and zero royalty payment to the author. An initial grant was made available by Sardar Hardev Singh Shergill, California, Chief Editor of the Sikh Bulletin, USA for the publication of all five books.  The author’s efforts in research and writing are undertaken in the interest of sewa and service. The sale price is calculated to recoup this initial grant so that the recovered monies can be used to publish the next set of books in 2021. One portion of the sale price includes packaging and mailing costs.

What is the Gurbani Translation methodology that is used in these books?

The methodology is derived from the paradigm of Tatt Gurmat. The primary principle is the use of Gurbani to explain Gurbani. What is meant by this is that the meanings of Gurbani concepts are derived from within Gurbani – and not external texts. The outcome of this method is the removal of snatan, vedic, puranic, shashtric and yogic influences that plague a wide variety of Gurbani translations – Punjabi and English.

Is the methodology explained in detail in the books?

On complete chapter is devoted towards developing and explaining the methodology in each of the books.

Who is the author of the books?

They are written by Karminder Singh, PhD (Boston). He writes and speaks regularly on Gurbani matters. He is currently the Joint Editor of The Sikh Bulletin, USA and sits on the Board of Sikhi Vichar Forum – a global organization dedicated to creating awareness of authentic Sri Guru Granth Sahib based Sikhi amongst members. The subject matter of these books was developed over a period of 15 years in weekly Understanding Gurbani classes that were conducted in Gurdwara Sahib Petaling Jaya Malaysia. His Gurbani and Gurmat based articles and videos can be found at www.sikhivicharforum.org1. His work in the Sikh Bulletin can be accessed at www.sikhbulletin.com2. He can be reached at dhillon99@gmail.com3.

Does the current pandemic affect the ordering process?

The books are mailed out of Malaysia. As part of the lock down measures, the country has suspended all outgoing international mail. (Domestic mail is still functioning normally). We are left with no choice but to use the more expensive courier service to deliver the books to all destinations outside of Malaysia. Processing delays are expected at the processing centres – including Customs Departments – of some countries due to the pandemic. Your patience is appreciated.

What is the process for bulk orders?

Kindly send an email to dhillon99@gmail.com3 to explore the options.

Can I order just one of the books instead of the entire package?

Each package contains one copy of each of the five books. This method allows us to keep the price at its lowest; save on packing, mail and courier costs; and pass on these benefits to our readers. As stated above, this is a non-profit seva based endeavour.

Why were the launching and promotions of the books held in select Gurdwaras only? 

These activities were held in some Gurdwaras in Malaysia where the books were subsequently made available to the sangats. Parbandhaks and individuals wishing to hold such functions at their local gurdwaras can send their suggested locations to dhillon99@gmail.com3.  

Where can I address additional questions?

Kindly send your query via an email to dhillon99@gmail.com3