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Gurdwara Sahib Menglembu Ipoh Message on use of Gurdwara Diwans

Waheguruji Me Khalsa
Waheguruji Ki Fateh

Please be informed that Gurdawara Sahib Menglembu Committee has only agreed to have a programme on 11.03.2017 (Saturday) from 5.00 pm to 8.30 pm in conjunction of Baba Deep Singh Sheedi Diyara whereby there will be a Sukhmani Sahib, Rehraas, Sabad Vichar by our Gianiji, Kirtan Sohela and Semapti. Guru Ka Langgar will be served after that.

This is what had been planned and this is what will be carried out. The committee has never athorised anyone to talk about any wrong doings by Ashby Road Gurdwara.

Please ignore message that is currently being circulated by an unauthorized person.

We do not want to be a platform to condemn other Gurdawaras.

If any person wishes to put his point of view about what had happened over there, the best place will be a private gathering either in the person’s house or a club where Gurdwaras can stand neutral until the dispute of who is right and who is wrong is over.

We do not want the sanggat to break.
We do not want the bad experience repeated in Gurdwara Sahib Menglembu.

President of
Gurdwara Sahib Menglembu
Sardar Pritam Singh