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The Global Sikh Council (GSC) Coming of Age and Within Cross Hairs.

The Global Sikh Council (GSC)

Coming of Age and Within Cross Hairs.

Karminder Singh Dhillon, Phd (Boston).

When a Sikh organization begins to chart an authentic journey in Gurmat, it inevitably gets the attention of anti-Sikh forces.

These forces, backed by powerful entities, always lead to the ugly Leviathan that controls the ultimate corridors of power. The Leviathan thus steers the anti-Sikh drive from a position of unbridled power and influence. Its tentacles are beyond measure.

The Leviathan has a well-resourced tool bag, equipped with a variety of instruments ranging from financial corruption of those who will do its bidding, disruption of the organization, sabotage and the capacity to incapacitate.

All roads lead to Rome, they say. Ours unfortunately lead to Delhi or Nagpur – depending on one’s perspective. Yet the Rome that wishes to destruct Sikhi often works through intermediary “sikh” individuals and groups who either selfishly or foolishly take up the bait for what is eventually the bidding of the Leviathan.

These “sikh” individuals and groups act as agents of the Leviathan. In the world of governments such behaviour is called “plausible deniability.” Or PD in short. PD allows the master mind to hide his hand and deny its involvement.

The Leviathan and its agents have a parasitic relationship. The Leviathan is in constant look out for new agents to recruit, and agents are on the lookout for new Sikh organizations to propose for consideration of destruction – at a fee, of course.


In the past few years, the Global Sikh Council has begun to make its mark in the realm of Gurmat and global Sikh direction. The leadership of GSC has taken bold and courageous stands on a variety of national and international Sikh matters.

It has also begun to grow in size stature and presence within the Sikh world. Its AGMs are held in major cities across the globe, well attended by representatives from across the world and professionally conducted.

Its visibility has been heightened. Prominent and highly respected Sikh personalities have lent their support to its causes. The indefatigable efforts of Lord Inderjit Singh who never tires of raising a whole range of issues in the British Parliament –and by extension the global platform – is case in point.

The Lord raising issues is one thing. What matters more to the Leviathan is his connection with the GSC.

In short, the GSC has come of age. And in so doing, come within the cross hair of the Leviathan’s muzzle.

In its upward mobility the GSC has ruffled the feathers of the ugly Leviathan of Delhi and Nagpur – waking both up in the direction of GSC. For the greedy, corrupt and opportunistic agents of the Leviathan, the GSC has become fresh bait – a new “prospect” to propose to the Leviathan: “Sir, here is another Sikh organization that needs to be silenced, here is what you need to do, here is what we can do to help, and here is the invoice.” Not necessarily in that order; but we get the drift.


The Leviathan’s power is unrestrained and his resources enormous. Yet his manner of operating is one that has been honed by regimes across the world.

The leadership of GSC – or any other authentic Sikh organization may be well advised to at least be aware of the methods so that it stands well prepared. Keen observers of government behaviour in stifling dissent are familiar with the many methods used, four – considered relevant to GSC – are listed below.


1. Planting the Media. Using the media to propagate damaging stories about the targeted organization is easy because more often than not, governments often control the media through a variety of ways; and media people are beholden to the government in many ways.

Imagine a story in the Media Times that reads: Global Sikh Council Funded by Pakistani Agencies. Who would be the sources of the fraudulent story? Plenty. How about this: “Highly placed sources in the Federal Department of Inquiry, speaking on condition of anonymity told the Media Times that leaders of the GSC has been secretly meeting Pakistani Agencies to facilitate the financial transfer…..” Imagine an anonymous investigator “telling the media” that “police confiscated the funds before they could reach the coffers of the GSC.”

Other “sikh” organizations who are already compromised or on the payroll of the Leviathan can make perfect sources. Imagine this statement in the story. “The Secretary of the SGPC said the SGPC was against any involvement of Pakistani agencies. We had our suspicions, but the evidence is clearly in now….”Imagine a Jathedar of some Takhat being quoted as saying “This goes against the tenets of Sikhi, the GSC ought to be ex-communicated for taking money from our national enemy.”

Read point 3 below for yet another perfect source.

With the prevalence of the Internet, planting stories in the form of fake news has never been easier. Agents of the Leviathan can sit in the comforts of their offices and dish out such stories with impunity.

 2 .Infiltration. This method was perfected by the Soviet regime of Stalin. Thousands of anti- Stalin Soviet citizens escaped to the western world and set up dissident organizations that exposed the lie of the Communist Soviet claims of a hunky dory nation, exposed the regime’s weaknesses and galvanized opposition against the Stalinist regime.

Stalin sent out his agents in the guise of dissidents to infiltrate these organizations. The agents went to dissident organization meetings and participated actively; often condemning the Stalin regime in loud and crude ways, calling for more action to bring down the regime. They even condemned the existing leadership “for not being anti-Stalin enough!”

They got noticed, and got elected as leaders of these dissident organizations – pushing the genuine office bearers out. They got access to the organization membership records and provided information on dissidents and their families back in the Soviet Union to the Stalin regime. Many of these “real dissidents” were kidnapped or killed by the Soviet agencies and their families tortured. These infiltrated agent “leaders” then destroyed the dissident organizations systematically.

This was the chosen method in “Khalistani” organizations that sprung up in western countries to represent both the Sikh diaspora as well as Sikh dissidents who had sought refuge in these countries. They died their deaths through infiltration of the Leviathan’s agents.

3. Sabotage. This method is commonly used by regimes in their quest to consolidate power and destroy groups who opposed to it. The modus operands begin with cultivating a group of corruptible leaders or members of influence and providing them the support and means to eventually cripple the organization.

The methods are straightforward. The cultivated group’s agenda relies on its ability to fuel infighting and factionalism. Motions of no confidence, coup-de-tat attempts through sacking legally elected leaders, replacing legitimate leaders by appointing cultivated members in their place, attempting to take over the leadership, setting up a rival organization – often by the same name as the original – holding separate meetings, conducting parallel elections of office bearers etc are the text book methods of getting to the outcome.

The outcome is predictable. The bought over leaders continue to do their dirty work until the organization splinters into two or more factions. The genuine organisation is thus paralyzed and its leaders severely disillusioned.

The Leviathan then throws its support behind the group led by the cultivated leaders. Funds, visas to its delegates, recognition of their services, attendance at officiating ceremonies by the Leviathan leaders and invites to the cultivated leaders to Leviathan organized and funded events are examples of support that follows.

Imagine the GSC being split into two this way. Now imagine the Media Times story above having this statement: Sardar X Singh, former leader of the GSC, who served on the Executive Committee of GSC for five years confirmed that GSC has always received funds from suspicious sources. That is the main reason I left the GSC, ” said Mr Singh to the Media Times in a telephone interview.

It sounds credible because in the eyes of the public a former member not only knows the truth, the former member has been removed because he protested against the foreign funding!

Of course the public will never know the real story relating to the former member – that he was planted there to sabotage the organization, and that by becoming a “source” for the fake story he is merely doing what he is sent to do – sabotage.

4. Deploying Already Infiltrated Organizations. No real explanation needed here. The Sikh world is largely aware that virtually all core Sikh institutions, organisations, universities, research centres etc. are either compromised or totally infiltrated by the Leviathan that is Delhi and Nagpur. So using any or some of them against the GSC would require no heavy lifting.

The Jathedar of a Takhat declaring a “sandesh” that the GSC is “malesh” (filthy) stands as one example. The GSC should be prepared for a string of such “statements” from our Jathedars and leaders. There should be no surprise if even less palatable nonsense comes its way from the village idiots that some of our Jathedars are. One can begin to hear the voices. “Sikh Research Body Delhi says GSC on the wrong track in allowing Khalistanis to do its bidding.” Chancellor of XYZ University Chandigarh calls on GSC to stop splitting the Sikhs. Sikh Scholar says GSC the major cause of Sikh disunity. And so on.


There is no denying that the GSC aspires to make a presence in matters affecting Sikhs globally. The organization has grown out of its infancy and its presence is beginning to be felt. Its authenticity and steadfastness has come into the cross hairs of not just the powers that be in Delhi and Nagpur, but amongst the compromised institutions and leadership of Sikhi – most of whom fear their own exposure within the Sikh world.

One can imagine the questions running in the minds of these institutions. Is the GSC going to rival the SGPC? Are they going to put forth the notion of a Takhat in the western world? Are they going to challenge or expose A, B and C ? Is the Sikh World going to consider the GSC with greater regard than our organization?

One can also imagine the questions running in the minds of those walking the corridors of power at Delhi and the corridors of influence at Nagpur.

Members of GSC are no longer in the comfort zone of being out of the cross hairs of the muzzle that has taken aim, shot and fatally wounded many a Sikh organization. There is no denying that the four methods of the Game described above are already in play as far as GSC is concerned.

The best option for GSC is to remain upright to continue to walk the path and continue to serve the Panth in ways and objectives as enshrined in its constitution. Stopping to throw a stone at each dog that barks may distract it from its path; but knowing which dog bites is crucial too.

Only time can tell if the GSC survives or falls prey to the machinations of the all-powerful Leviathan. Either way it is no harm learning the ways of those bent on bringing GSC down or to its knees and being adequately preapred.