The MGC EGM – A Look at the Winners and Losers.

The MGC EGM – A Look at the Winners and Losers.

By Karminder Singh Dhillon, PhD.

The Winners

  1. Sri Guru Granth Sahib SGGS) and The Sikh Rehat Maryada (SRM). Clearly the SSGGS and SRM are the foremost winners. The EGM vote gives the MGC an overwhelming mandate to continue its bold stand in defending the SOLE supremacy of the SGGS as our ONE and ONLY Guru worthy of Parkash in our Gurdwaras.

The EGM further affirms the courageous steps taken by MGC since April 2016 when, as a result of the actions of the Academy; the Malaysian Gurdwaras began to witness a systematic attack on both the SGGS and SRM.

  1. Unity, Peace and Harmony. The EGM vote is a vote of unity of Malaysian Gurdwaras and Sangats. The vote is a resounding slap in the face of the irresponsible elements led by the Academy that are out to divide and break up the sangats with their deviant maryadas and parkash of other granths.

It is also a vote for peace and harmony. The vote is a rejection of the ugly, violent, diwan disruption, dastar removing type of methods that were being used by irresponsible elements.

  1. MGC, Jagir Singh and the Exco. All three came out clear winners on grounds of practicing accountability and transparency. The Academy had been relentless in their condemnation of all three. Venom was spewed against all three (particulary of personal nature) in the so called meetings at Pusing Gurdwara.

Even the Baba Sohan Singh Program at Malacca was not spared by irresponsible parties allied to the Academy to launch a blatant attack on MGC, Jagir and the Exco. It is regrettable that the Malacaa Gurdwara Committee allowed such a blatant abuse of their stage for personal attacks.

What better way than to say “OK let’s have an EGM and put the matter to a vote.” This is accountability and it is transparency. It is also a sign of responsible and courageous leadership.

The Academy in the form of opposition representing their Gurdwras came, had their say loud and clear, and were soundly defeated.

  1. EK Granth Ek Panth Ek Maryada and Guru Maniyo Granth Initiatives of the MGC. The opposition peddled blatant lies in the name of condemning the two primary initiatives of the MGC. They accused MGC of wanting to “rename the SGGS, remove Bhagat Banee from it, reduce it to 600 pages, stop the Ardas etc.” The EGM vote is clear proof that a vast majority of Gurdwra Parbhandaks did not buy such stupid claims.
  2. Other Winners: The Ashby Gurdwara Parbhandaks and sangat, Prof Inder Singh Ghagga and Seremban Gurdwara Parbhandaks and Sangat. Even though these issues were not on the agenda, the MGC has taken a clear and solid stand against the violence causing and goonda gardee proponents.

The MGC has said that chanting satnam Waheguru to prevent someone from speaking was NOT gurmat. The MGC had recognized the right of the sangats and Prabhandaks of Ashby and Seremban to invite Prof Ghagga ji. And the MGC had condemned the act of the irresponsible elements who masterminded the removal of Ghagga ji’s dastaar, the ripping of his beard and the tearing of his baana.

The overwhelming EGM vote thus says that the MGC did the right thing and so did Ashby and Seremban Parbhandaks.

The Losers.

  1. Lies, divisive tactics, goonda gardee and unfounded accusations. The opposition has used the social media and deployed a number of foreign writers to spew an unprecedented and prolonged attack on MGC, Jagir and its Exco. Other than making baseless and wild personal allegations, the write ups contain no other stuff.
  2. Labo. This empty headed rabble rouser is undoubtedly the Champion of the Losers. As the Academy moved into the shadows after getting a public trashing for their direct involvement in the Ghagga fiasco and the parkash of Bachitar Natak at Titiwangsa – Labo took over as their de facto spokesman for all things anti-MGC, anti Jagir, and anti MGC Exco (not to mention anti SNSM, anti KDM, and anti all things rational).

He had been thrown out of SNSM Amrit Sanchar team – his prized platform to propogate his deviant ways – and was desperately looking for something to become leader of. The Academy and Niketan went into in hiding after the Ashby Road ugliness; and this created a vacuum. Labo jumped in head first to fill it up even if he knew nothing about leadership or spokesmanship for that matter.

If there is one individual who has regurgitated the most filth, foul language and downright nonsense against the MGC and Jagir, this hogwash spreading Labo takes the prize hands down.

In many ways, Labo’s presence at the EGM was a reflection of the bluff that he was. He stays and works in PJ but got himself nominated as a representative of Gurwara Tronoh! What a lie? Did he have the consent of the Tronoh sangat for the half baked and half cooked stuff that he said the EGM? Does he even attend Tornoh sangat programs ? Or was it simply a fraud using a manipulated nomination in the fat hope of causing a ruckus at the EGM?

Labo is the biggest loser because he came to unseat Jagir, take over the MGC and appoint his own Exco. I can’t help but paraphrase Julius Ceaser who said “ I came, I saw, I conquered.” Labo’s versions is “I came, I spewed and went back as the biggest loser

Labo is also the biggest loser because from now on his sponsors and backers will be looking for a more effective spokesman. They need someone who can speak a lot less nonsense that Labo. Imagine him trying to argue that “dassan guruan di banee tey updesh” (a reference to the SGGS) is the SRM sanctioning BN/DG Parkash? Humpty Dumpty probably makes more sense than this Labo.

  1. Academy and Niketan. The Ghagga Scandal, the Bachittar Natak Parkash in TItiwangsa, the DG controversy, attack on SRM, the sullying of MGC and just about everything that has caused the peace loving and united Malaysian sangat to split up can be traced back to the Academy – one way or the other.

Niketan has been peace loving, devoted to their own ways, and always in the background. But for reasons only known to them, they have jumped on the bandwagon to do the Acamdey’s manipulative bidding. Niketan must therefore share the medal of The Losers with their patron organization.

  1. Parbhandaks of Gurdwara Titiwangsa, Tronoh and Pusing. It is clear these Gurdwaras have been misled into believing the lies of the Academy. Labo and some other spent forces of yester years. Many of these challey hoey kartoos can be seen attending the anti MGC and anti Jagir meeeings that were held in these Gurdwras. For allowing their stages to be used for the personal agendas of the deviant groups, the parbhandaks of these gurdwaras can share at least the consolation prize for the losers,.