One of the controversies raging like a sandstorm these days is..”Gurbani” of the Tenth Nanak – Guru Gobind Singh Ji.  The Panth Parvannit Sikh Rehat Maryada, arrived at a decade long worldwide discussion and debate has concluded that the Title of GURBANI can only be applied to the SGGS and its CONTENTS and that any others be called Rachnnah.  This upsets many Sikhs who argue whay cant these be called “gurbani” as well becasue claims exist that they are by Guru Gobind Singh ji.


To solve this dilemma amicably we need to look at the facts and How and WHO validates/Decides whats GURBANI and whats NOT.  And why Sikhs  no matter how hooly, how learned, however spiritually elevated etc etc CANNOT be the decision makers on this Vital Factor.

VITAL Fact to be remembered is..WHO VALIDATES “GURBANI”. ..From the time of GURU NANAK JI..its the SUCCESSOR GURU that validates what Gurbani and whats NOT !!!. The LINKS are very clear..Guru Angad validated the Gurbani of Guru Nanak Ji…Guru Amardass Ji validated ..Guru ramdass Ji Validated..GURU ARJUN JI VALIDATED and RECORDED permanently in AAD GRANTH the GURBANI of His own and earlier FOUR GURUS.

 Are we even aware that Bhagat Kabir Ji has composed a HUGE GRANTH of his compositions (which His followers Kabir Panthees revere)……BUT GURU ARJUN JI SELECTED only 400 shabads out of about 16,000 as “GURBANI” to be added to AAD GRANTH. The REST of the Kabir Granth is NOT GURBANI even though its author is Bhagat Kabir Ji. THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT FACTOR !!!

 THE FINAL AND COMPLETE VALIDATION OF GURBANI was undertaken by GURU GOBIND SINGH JI..when Guru Ji compiled the AAD SRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB JI and RETAINED the ORIGINAL NITNEM of GURU ARJUN JI as set out in the First 13 Pages of AAD GRANTH and also RETAINED the Closing SEAL of Mundawnnee Mahalla Panjvahn as used by Guru Arjun Ji in the AAD GRANTH. These are another TWO MOST IMPORTANT FACTS.

To summarise: ONLY THE GURU has the right to Validate what is GURBANI and whats NOT. The “AUTHOR” is NOT the factor….otherwise we can add the 16,000 shabads by Bhagat Kabir ji and TRIPLE the size of the SGGS !!!! ????? its the same Bhagat Kabir Ji..BUT we CANNOT validate the other shabads simply because thats the SOLE PREROGATIVE of the GURU !!!

2. Guru Gobind Singh has validated all GURBANI in the SGGS. Period.

3. NOW that the SGGS is the GURU…..and the ONLY one having the authortiy to validate any composition as GURBANI is the GURU….leaves HUMANS/SIKHS/JATHEDARS/PANJ Piayras..whatever etc etc OUT. PERIOD. THE SGGS is CLOSED and SEALED. The SGGS is GURU. PERIOD. Whatever LEFT OUTSIDE the SGGS cannot be “gurbani” no matter who the AUTHOR/Translator/whatever !!!! Thats the Chain of Evidence form Guru Nanak Ji to Guru Gobind singh Ji.

this is why the compilers of the most widely debated and circulated SRM decided to call certain compositions RACHHNNAHS. These CANNOT be termed Gurbani because they are NOT VALIDATED by the GURU