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The Sabha AGM – The Winners and The Losers

The Sabha AGM – The Winners and Losers

Karminder Singh Dhillon, PhD (Boston)

Here is a quick look at the Winners and Losers of the recent Sabha EGM held on the 29th of June, 2019.


1. SNSM, Jasbir Singh and his Exco. All three came out clear winners on grounds of allowing the DG-13 an opportunity to test the support for their pro Dasam Granth position. The DG-13 and their Sponsors had been relentless in their condemnation of all three. Venom – particularly of personal nature – was spewed against Jathedar Jasbir especially – in blatant abuse of the social media for personal attacks.

What better way to call their bluff than to say “OK let’s put your matter to a vote in an AGM.” This is accountability and it is transparency. It is also a sign of responsible and courageous leadership. It is also about empowering the members of SNSM to have a say in the future of their organization. Well done, all three.

2. The Members of SNSM. For turning up in larger numbers than ever, speaking out and making it clear that they understood and rejected the real agenda of the DG-13, the ordinary members of SNSM are winners too. You elected to keep Sabha out of the mud that is the DG controversy and the dera maryada dispute and that is commendable.

3. The Coffers of SNSM. The approval by the floor for the Sale of two Sabha properties worth RM 6 million to free up funds for other priority uses means the Sabha can operate more independently.




1. Labo. This empty headed rabble rouser takes the gold medal for the Losers. He has been the de facto spokesman for all things anti-SNSM, anti-Jasbir, and anti-SNSM Exco (not to mention anti-MGC, anti-KDM, anti-SVF and anti all things rational).

He had been thrown out of SNSM Amrit Sanchar team – his prized platform to propagate his deviant ways – and was desperately looking for something to become leader of. His Sponsors knew he would dance to their tune in their bigger agenda of taking over as many Gurdwaras, MGC, SNSM and other Sikh Institutions in Malaysia by accusing existing parbhandaks of being anti-DG and hence (illogically) anti -Guru Gobind Singh.

Labo jumped in head first even if he knew nothing much about leadership or spokesman ship for that matter.

If there is one individual who has regurgitated the most offensive language and downright nonsense against the SNSM and Jasbir in the period leading to the EGM, this hogwash spreading Labo takes the prize hands down.

In many ways, Labo’s presence at the EGM was a reflection of the bluff that he was. He kept talking that the Sabha should accept the DG even after the resolutions were thrown out.

He presented laughable arguments. He told the floor he searched for the DG in all Malaysian Gurdwaras. He found one copy of the DG each in Seremban, Sentul and Bentong. His point? “They were not put there for no reason,” he thundered – as if he had made the most divine point of the decade.

What about the hundreds of SGGS in ALL the Gurdwaras? Didn’t he discover them? Don’t they count for nothing compared to the three DG copies that he “found”.

Chaiman Khuswant Singh can be heard telling him to sit down in a video recording of this exchange.

Labo is also the biggest loser because from now on his Sponsors will be looking for a more effective spokesman. They need someone who can speak a lot less nonsense that Labo.

2. The Puppet Masters of the five resolutions. Their interests are embedded into each of the resolutions. Their desire to drag the Sabha into two ugly and divisive disputes – the DG controversy and the dera maryada controversy is interwoven in all five resolutions. For a detailed analysis of the five resolutions, read the article titled “The Sabha is Out of the ICU – for Now” at

3. The DG- 13. This group had – in the last Sabha AGM – managed to occupy positions in the Sabha Exco through wheeling and dealilng. They tried to muscle the Jathedar into their DG/BNG Agenda but Jathedar Jasbir outsmarted them. They quit en masse to bring the Jathedar to his knees. When that didn’t work, they went on a tirade against him demanding an EGM. That didn’t materialize either so putting forth resolutions at the AGM was their last resort. They blew that as well and made their way into the Sabha Book of Losers. For an analysis of the antics of DG-13 see article titled Sabha is in ICU: You are Invited to the Funeral at

4. The BNG/DG Brigade

We know that the DG-13, the call for the EGM and the five resolutions at the AGM were about dragging the Sabha into the DG/BNG controversy. The DG Brigade of Malaysia thus came together to spew lies, use divisive tactics, and throw unfounded accusations at just about anyone who didn’t support the DG. That the resolutions didn’t see the day of light is a loss for this brigade.

5. The DG Formula to Grab Power Model. We know that there are groups that are about a real DG/BNG controversy. The primary question for this group is regarding the authorship of the DG. This is a genuine dispute.

What is not so obvious is the presence of groups of OPPORTUNISTS who are using the DG/BNG controversy to overthrow existing parbhandaks and committees; who are using the DG issue to grab power. The three step method is simple.

Step one: Identify a Gurdwara, or Sikh Institution that the opportunists or their chamchey want to take over.

Step two: Make accusations against the current office bearers that they are anti Dasam Granth and hence anti Guru Gobind Singh. Write these accusations anonymously and viral them over the social media – particularly the whatsapp group of the Gurdwara concerned. Get the DG Brigade’s lap dog Harnak of Koor Vichar to spew venom such as “Kala Afgana ideology followers” against the parbhandaks. Keep at it till the sangat of the targeted Gurdwara or Organization is all worked up and split into two.

Step three: Call for EGM or wait for the next AGM and attempt a power grab. This rabble rousing model has worked in one Gurdwara in the North. It was tried and failed at the last MGC elections and the recently held Subang Jaya Gurdwara elections.

The Sabha AGM makes it the third defeat of the formula.

Other Gurdwaras in Malaysia and other Sikh Institutions need to be prepared for this latest scourge. End.